This site will soon be added to my lovely list over there (Over there, see? Eesh, must I explain everything?). It's amazing what you find when you become a complete vegetable and spend all day in front of your computer.

I'm really not sure what my problem is today, other than the fact that I don't want to do anything. I'm ignoring the government essay because I found out it's not due til next Friday. Hurrah!

And my creative writing professor sent back my packet with my journal entries and stuff, but failed to include anything about my poem. Thanks. So much. I could care less what he thinks about my journal entries.

In other news, Stormy no longer sounds like a cross between a dying frog and a whale giving birth, which I never mentioned here but now I have, so there. She does, however, sound like she may never wake up again. Which concerns (4) me.

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