I ate real fruit for breakfast.
As opposed to that fake, plastic kind.
It was good, and hopefully it's a sign that I'm going to actually make the effort to get rid of the last 20 pounds of me that really need to go away. Whee, yay me. And I'm supposed to be working out. And my doc says I'm all healthy and stuff now. And my sister says I better quit smoking if I'm going to do the 3-day Dallas to Fort Worth walk for Avon's breast cancer awareness thing. Speaking of that.... would you like to know how Shan asked me to do it? You would? Oh, please... let me fill you in:

Shan: Kelly! I was looking online and I like found this really cool thing and you walk for 3 days wanna do it huh huh?
Me: What? Walk for 3 days? Why?! Are you insane?
S: No, really! It's very cool! You walk for 3 days! From Dallas to Fort Worth! For breast cancer!
M: Uhm...
S: No no, not to GET breast cancer--to help! And they give us tents and food and a masseuse--
M: Cool, sign me up-- I am all over that!!

And so, Kelly and Shannon began their adventure.

Oh lord, help us all.

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