Good morning, world.
I've turned in my short short story (had to be between 500-2000 words and we danced right up to 1955 and ended it, thank you), I still have a cute little puppy dog following me around wherever I go, and I'm feeling rather well rested after sleeping for 10 straight hours.
It's gotten very cold now (yes, I think 40ยบ is cold) and each time I step outside the wind stings my face and I find myself wishing I could fast forward through the winter and find myself in spring already.
My sister's birthday is coming up and tomorrow we're going shopping for her present and I'm secretly hoping to find a great deal on a new coat. Because I really, really need one.
Besides, I'll be in Ohio in November. I'm thinking if I don't get a coat made for the artic tundra I may die.

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