Ever talk to someone and each time you speak with them you can't help but think, "Dude, lay off the drugs"? No? Well, count yourself lucky.

In other news, Mike is not exactly as easy to care for as I was hoping. I now have new dirt for him but I have no idea how to get Mike out of his home long enough to get the new dirt in there and do a little interior decorating for him. What if he runs away? What if I try to pick him up and I squish him? Ick! Not a good mental image. Send Mike some good vibes, folks. He's going to need them.

Now, I must read 3 chapters of government and 16 (ha!) chapters for creative writing. Y'know, these classes tend to be a whole lot more fun when you don't wait till the weekend before major exams to even act like you're in a class. Sigh.

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