Hi, I'm an idiot.

I just deleted my own post. How very exciting for me.

So I ordered my poster today. I can't wait to get it. My mommy is paying for it for my birthday. Yay for me!

Shannon leaves for Italy this week, and we've decided to bring the sisterblog back to life. I gave her my laptop (which, undoubtedly, I will regret) for the trip and she'll let us all know how she's doing. Three months in Italy doing the runway shows in Milan. Should be interesting.

And I should be working on (or at least thinking about beginning to think about) my first project in creative writing. I think if it were more ... anything I'd be more excited. We have to write a poem. It must have more than six lines. Tough class, there.

And that's all, folks. Well. That's all I feel like talking about. So ha.

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