And a hush settles over the crowd.

Or in the very least, a hush settles over me. The irony of how things happen ... of how every minute thread that becomes a part of the quilt that makes up our lives ... the irony of how these things fall into place, stitch by stitch, seam by seam, well -- that is never lost on me.

Though sometimes I wonder if fate has its hand in my life, mixing things up so I'll end up where it wants me ... or if I seek, bubbling over with bias, for things to steer me in the direction I think is best.

And then I wonder ... am I heading in the direction I think is best ... or am I headed in the direction that I think is easiest. Because, you know -- it's rare that the two are ever the same. Very rare.

Decisions are very ornery little things. For me, anyway. They creep about in the back of my mind, dancing little jigs and calling out to me, toying with me, begging me to choose this one over that ... giggling and falling over to roll around drunk in the muck that makes up the floor of my skull. I'm sure of it.

And just as I choose one, just as I reach in and pluck up the one I think is absolutely, without a doubt, no questions asked the best, the grandest, the most correct choice -- something happens to make me think, "What if..?"

Could it be that fate replaced my Decisions with Leprechauns?

They feel that elusive.

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