Yep, I've lost it.

Last night I dreampt that Neil Gaiman was being hunted by the government and me and a small group of others had to save him. Highlights from the show:

~ At one point in a kitchen full of people that I had to live with during the mission, I screamed at everyone over a bowl of Apple Jacks that they needed to get out of my face and leave me the hell alone OR do the dishes, one of the two.

~ Neil fell hopelessly in love with my sister. Her boyfriend followed them around like a lunatic.

~ Neil shoved a soldier in a large duffel bag after I trapped him (the soldier) in a closet. We quickly made a run for it. The rest of the group was upset because Neil chose to ride in the car with my kids and me instead of with them.

~ At some point we all had to slide through this long metal shoot. I tried to get every to climb up the rungs above us, but they wouldn't, and while I was holding everyone up telling them about my idea, a large mass of taffy or something gooey amassed in the slide and I had to drop through it, being squished by the heavy, rubbery substance.

~ Apparently, I had time for a small rescue-mission break, so I went to the mall, met a pregnant girl, and we tested out a hottub together. I tried to get her to buy it, saying she could have an at-home water birth.

~ Somehow Neil kept meeting up with Rosie Perez, and each time he saw her, he kissed her three times on the lips, and then she ran off.

And that's all I can remember right now. I think that's enough.

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