There are some people that are not made for manual labor. I am not one of them, nor have I ever been. I bruise easily, I scream a lot, I huff and puff and make annoying girl noises when trying to lift things. I bleed! I break fingernails and cut my arms up and really, I just don't enjoy it.

I spent 5 hours in a very small, abnormally hot, incredibly dirty storage closet today. No, I wasn't playing hide and seek, nor was I the star in a bad horror flick.

I was cleaning out the supply closet at the school. We have two supply closets, really -- each filled with Dr. Seuss like towers of swaying whozits and whatsits and junkity-dos. It's a scary place, I promise. The one I was in has been the place to throw things that no one knows what to do with... for about 2 years.

So I cleaned and I screamed and I ran from spiders and I dropped things on my toes (sandals were not a good choice) and bled and swept away dead crickets and gagged and threw stuff out and organized this and that...

and I'm still not done.

Tomorrow I return to oversee a CPR/First Aid class ... and then it's back to the dungeons for me.

Anyone want to come help??

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