The strangeness of my hair is getting on my nerves. I mean ... really on my nerves.

But I figured this wouldn't be an amazing thing to talk about ... and since August is coming up, I thought I'd introduce you (or maybe just remind some of you) to one of my favorite events of the year.

It's called the Perseids meteor shower, and the only relevant link I could find for this year was here. If you can find something else, let me know. This is really a fabulous show to watch -- there have been years (yes, it happens each August) where I have been amazed and delighted, watching bold flashes of color streak across the sky.

Each year I invite friends and family to come and have fun, spy the sky through my telescope, lie on the ground on a blanket, drink pink lemonade or mudslides or capecods and enjoy the company of one another as we tell stories, watch the sky, and dream a little dream.

It's great fun. This year's shower looks to be on August 12th. Maybe this year you can enjoy it, too.

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