Sorry about the incredibly boring posts lately. Hopefully I'm close to catching my second wind. Whatever that phrase is supposed to mean.

Tara had also requested Longing, so here she is. I'm not particularly happy with her, but you're getting her anyway.

Emotion: Longing

Longing is a young woman living alone in a precariously situated tower. Her raven-black eyes are full of sadness, giant tears finding their way down her cheeks to pool at the base of her tower. She has deep burgandy hair, long and wavy, that flows gently - caught up in the breeze from the solitary window that she spies through, looking down upon the world. Longing has soft, nearly transluscent skin; anything that she comes into contact with sends her into instant fits of raw emotion, her sensitvity to her own desires having long ago worn down any armor she might have once owned. She wears a regal gown, the finest scented oils, and her hair is decorated with rare flowers from all across the globe. There might have been a time she believed these things would help capture her heart's desire, and even though she has not truly given up, she weeps for things she worries she may never have. Longing is beautiful in face and form, almost painfully so. To look upon her face is to know true emotional turmoil, and it is because of this that she lives alone -- hidden away from the eyes of those she wants most.

And that's Longing.

Next I'll be watching Shakespeare in Love. Whee. Maybe I should have done Longing after that!

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