So yesterday I took my finals (did pretty well, too), had my picture taken (I'm going to take a fairly big close-up, okay? Okay." *FLASH!*), played assorted video games, took the boys for ice cream, wandered aimlessly, read a lot of American Gods, and went to sleep.

Initially after the tests I felt sort of confused, suddenly lost. I'm normally racing to get something done but last night there was no race to run.

It was nice, if a little strange. I felt guilty reading a book just for the hell of it, even.

Soo ... it's nice to be semi-normal again. No school for 6 weeks.

I was supposed to go to Illinois in the first week of August, but the other half of my vacation has decided to fly, leaving me to foot the complete gas and hotel bill and a somewhere-near-20-hour drive by myself with two small boys.

Not happening. I'm failing to see the fun in that.

No matter. Illinois isn't going anywhere, I'll get there another time. Right? Right.

Besides, there's always SeaWorld...

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