So last night I dreampt of nightclubs, mice, and hospital beds.

I remember standing outside in a line, looking up to a large television screen that was broadcasting the happenings of the nightclub. A man named Pain was walking around from table to table daring people inside the bar to pierce themselves. One young boy took several large safety pins from Pain and put a row of them through his lower lip. Ouch.

Then I was sitting in a park surrounded by people. We were all wearing robes of different colors. A small white mouse ran circles around my neck, sometimes nibbling my skin, sometimes tugging at the hem of robe. Someone pointed out that if I did not find out what the mouse wanted, he would bite a hole through my ear. I mentioned that the mouse probably was just hurting. I grabbed him in one hand and with his tiny paws he scratched at his mouth. A tooth fell out, and I watched as it tumbled to the ground, sharp and white and tainted to red. The mouse half-smiled half-grimaced at me, a bloody gap in his mouth.

Then there was the hospital, and an earthquake. Only, people using oxygen tanks couldn't feel the earthquakes. I was working with a doctor. We were checking on the geriatric ward. I stepped into the corridor and felt a breathless chill come upon me. An old, wrinkled woman stood naked on her bed, screaming for things to change. A nurse ran into the room and drew the curtain around the woman's bed. A doctor appeared from nowhere, and the woman got back down onto her bed, covering herself. The doctor pushed her bed straight through the curtain, and went running down the hall. I found myself on the lower level of the hospital, in a gallery, looking up to the second level. The doctor, the bed, and the woman come flying over the railing and land within the shrubbery. They are dead.

I turn and walk away.

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