So I've been left behind for SNL and the computer in the other room. It seems I'm no longer entertaining enough and Stormy wants to read the other blogs doing this.

I can't blame her -- I want to, too! I've read a few, but not as many as I had hoped to. But heh, I still have a lot of time left to do that! :)

So, here I am in a face mask that is slowly pulling every pore of my face inside out. Honestly, I can no longer open my mouth and it hurts to smile. Why am I doing this, again?

Oh, and this " ... my favorite kind of weather is actually fire. (shut up. fire is weather.) ..." is why you need to rush over and check out Rabi's site at wockerjabby.com. Well, not the only reason, but one that seriously (I say seriously a lot!) cracked me up. So go see. And have fun. She is neat. Woo -- I'm just witty now, aren't I?

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