So it's nearly 1:30a.m., Stormy and Paige have left me for dreamland, and I have nothing left to talk about. I was on the phone so I didn't catch any of Shakespeare in Love -- therefore, it has been restarted and to top it all off, I just had a phone conversation with a staticky robot.


Oh, and Trever says about Longing: "The only thing she needs is a crystal ball, so that she might always have the image of her desire close at hand. Just in case her beloved should ever escape her view from the tower, you know..?"

Hm -- good point, I like it.

I've been looking through my book (well, my sister's book that I stole!) of Shakespeare's sonnets and trying to find something to post here. No luck yet, but I'm sure I will come up with something.

Until then, this is a neat little site... Quotable Women

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