Shannon is in New York now... she'll be there all week, with each day a crazy action packed medley of events and dinners and contests and readings and things. I am really proud of her... and I hope that anyone that reads this will take a moment to send her a happy thought, or good vibes, or a prayer or anything that will help her feel secure and warm and full of energy. I know she can do a good job at this. She's an amazing person on stage, a totally different person (not the walking into doors klutz that I happen to be, and she is too, off stage) than when she's just hanging out with us ... oh I am so excited for her, can you tell?? Send Shannon good thoughts!!!

I went to the bird store today. I fell in love with a little 2 month old Meyer's Parrot. Honestly. I'm in love. But, I'm trying to be responsible. So I didn't buy him. I held him, and he walked up my arm and hung out on my shoulder. He chirped in my ear and kept trying to steal my necklace (He's got good taste in jewelry!). So I bought a book about Senegal Parrots and got some information on prices ($500!!) and cages and things of interest.

Next time I'll take Steven with me and see how he does around the bird. And I plan to go to some different shops just to see how each place treats their birds and all that.

I'm quite excited, can you tell??

Go look at a 2 year old Meyer!

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