Okay, this movie has completely sucked me in. I feel awful -- my posts are lacking something now -- like ... content!

I was all immersed in watching Tom get Pilgrim to trust him (sniffle, sniffle, sigh) and realized that it was time to post again. And I started with a movie I figured I wouldn't get too into.

So I was wrong.

Well, it's been awhile, and Tara wanted to see my emotion person for Love. I wrote up Love a while back and don't feel comfortable redoing her -- I'm pretty happy with the way she turned out. So anyway, here is...

Emotion: Love

Love is a short, robust woman in the middle stage of her life. Her hair is disheveled and mousy brown, swept back in a sloppy chignon with wisps of hair trailing down around her face. Often there are smudges of what appears to be dirt on her face and hands. Her eyes are deep brown and seem to constantly sparkle. There is something incredibly beautiful about her, but the exact source is difficult to pin down. Love is not your typical beauty queen, but men have died for her and women have cried without end because of her. It is in the way she carries herself, the strong hand that she steadies you with, the soft cushiony hug that she embraces you in, that her beauty is found. She wears comfortable clothing, preferring ease over decoration. Her smile lights up the room, because you feel it with every part of her body -- her smile means something, and everyone that sees her knows it. Her skin is slightly tanned and radiant. Love is loud in voice, but always with warm, soothing words.

So that is love, with a few adjustments from my original.

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