Lesson of the day: Getting drunk certainly will help you sleep all night, but it's not exacly worth it.

Weird dream of the week: I was in this gas station type shop, but there was a book rack, like they have at some grocery stores. I think I worked there... and there were 2 other people working there, they were goofing off. One of them (I feel like I know them in my life but can't remember who they were) squirted gasoline on the book rack. I yelled at them.
Then I realized I had a lighter, and a fire started. I don't remember lighting my lighter... but a fire started, and suddenly the whole perimeter of the book rack was surrounded in flames.
Then I realized that my laptop and all these other things of mine were lying on the floor, scattered around the book rack. Everyone ran out of the store but I was trying to gather all my things. It was really smoky and I was crouching on the floor piling all these things into my arms.
And fire was everywhere.
I finally managed to get my stuff all together and I was hacking and my eyes stung but I made it out.
And it was night time and there were people all standing around outside watching the building blaze ... but I set my stuff down on the street and was showing people that I made it out with all my stuff.
Somehow they were less impressed about this than I was.

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