I'm watching people slowly drop away from my buddy list ... plink, plink, plink, and off they go.

I'm tired, irritable, and ... something I can't quite explain. Crazy?

I have 4 more emotion people but I haven't quite got the brain power to figure them out yet.

Uhm, can I have Joseph Fiennes in a box please?

My tummy hurts.

Trever requested Regret ... I give her to you now.

Emotion: Regret

Regret is a spinster of a woman, her skin wrinkled and dotted with aged spots. She wears her dull grey hair tightly upon the crown of her head, woven into a tidy chignon. Her eyes are crinkled and dim brown, turning down at the corners to match the chronic frown of disdain that scars her face. Regret sits by a blazing fireplace, wrapped in blankets in hopes to ward off the chill that has set upon her bones. She rocks slowly back and forth, her frame creaking with each movement, her head slipping sadly back and forth in a constant movement of mourning. Regret's form is slumped over and emaciated, each bone sticking out awkwardly from beneath her yellowed skin. In her hands she holds a tattered remnant of a letter written long ago, a letter she wrote but never sent, a letter she clings to in the last days of her life, silently musing over what might have been.

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