I have wonderful friends.

Even though not everyone (but Crystal, who was crazy enough to stay up and do the 'thon for a very good cause, too) could stay up with me, everyone I know took time to say something ... anything .. sometimes several frantic "are you awake??" IMs... to make sure I was doing all right.

Stormy and Paige goofed around with me throughout the evening, and Stormy always made sure I had stuff to drink or eat or whatever. My sweetie!

So many others of you were here in IMs to send me little encouraging messages -- Ali, Tara, Trever, Matt, Ryan, Brian, Matt, Phil, God I hope I'm not forgetting anyone but I am sure I am because I've been up for well over 24 hours now ... uhm, hm. Shaun and Josh (whom I really don't know but hey, we said hi!), my mom who went and bought me breakfast, Tanya who came over and amazed me with her story of being pulled over for a DWI which is hilarious since she doesn't drink anything harder than Dr Pepper, and of course Crystal for being here the whole time!

And there are more, I'm sure.

AND we're not done yet.

2 and 1/2 hours to go, and this post is late. Oops.

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