Finals are in less than a week. So yeah, I need to be invisible for a bit.

But until then you should know that:

Trever went to get his High Cost of Living and American Gods book signed (and also Black Orchid for me) but Neil signed Trev's HCOL to me. Poor thing, he's owned that copy for so long, and now it has my name on it. But uhm, at least he got AG signed! And I am just pleased to death that he thought to take Black Orchid along to the signing. I really do know some amazing people.

After reading about the maggot infested burger from McDonald's, I'm damn happy I no longer frequent the fast food places. Blech.

Oh, and thankfully, for the first time in over a week, my dream was not this insane multi-colored media event from the depths of the brain of a person on acid. Um. Not to say that I've been on acid ... just that you know, my dreams have been ... oh, whatever! You get the point.

I know there was other stuff I wanted to mention, but my textbooks are looking at me with that special gleam in their eyes, so I better go.

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