Emotion person # 2! This one was seriously more difficult, because Stormy thinks she is oh-so-amusing by giving me challenges. So here he is, folks...

Emotion: Ambiguous

Ambiguous is a shifting image of a man that swirls and changes in the light ... or darkness, depending on the way you look at him, and the way he wants to be seen. His physique is all at once grandiose and withered, ageless and already dead, beautiful and tragically misshapen. His eyes flicker gold and green and amber and blue, hinting light then dark and then light again. His smile is taunting; a wicked grin in the dark or perhaps a beguiling full-mouthed laugh that holds you bewildered and entranced all at once. Ambiguous wears a cloak of varying colors and shadows. His form is hidden from sight, indistinguishable from mortal eyes, his truth hiding on the edge of our senses. The ground he stands on becomes covered in shades of psychedelic smoke, swirling around his riddled form in throbbing, wispy patterns. Ambiguous moves frantically, his actions always holding from us the truth of exactly who he might be.

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