Will the real untruth please stand up?

1. True -- I saved my sister from drowning when I was 7.
Yes, indeedy. She was 3, I was 7, and we were on a canoe trip on the Black River near Pensacola, Florida. Oh, the fun.

2. True -- I had rhinoplasty at the age of 12.
It's true, LaFou! Though the insurance agency said it was a medical necessity due to a prior car accident, the only change I've ever noticed was that from fat nose to slim nose. Thanks, doc!

3. True -- My mom is a Holy roller, my dad is a Harley Rider.
They say that opposites attract. If this were true, my parents would probably still be married.

4. True -- I own a Powerpuff Girl playset.
Yessiree Bob. It's quite fun as it came with blank 'speech bubbles' like you see over character's heads in comic strips and you can write nifty things! Plus, these girls save the world before bedtime -- what more can you ask for??

5. Uh, not even in my other lives -- I was an accomplished thespian in high school and still work in my community theatre.
And at last the lie comes to an end ... no, I'm sorry, I was never even in a play, much less the star of one. Public speaking, in whatever format, is not my thang, honey chile.

6. True -- I collect postcards.
I've been doing this since I Was about ... 12, I guess. Everytime I go somewhere new I get a postcard of it. The idea was to make a scrapbook of interesting looking postcards. The reality is that they all sit in a box on a shelf in a bookcase in a room of my house that I very rarely look at.

7. True -- I no longer know my "real" haircolor.
Sad, but true. It's sort of an auburn now, as the purple color faded quickly. When I cut all my hair off last summer, the resulting color was an extremely dark shade of brown... almost black, I guess. It shocked me, since I was born blonde... and people actually believed I had dyed it black when I had it cut all short and spiky like. I'm thinking of going red with strawberry blonde highlights next.

8. True -- I've discussed bodypaints with a stranger.
Just a memorable experience from the past year. I was approached by a rather tall, muscular man while in a sex shop (for my first time ever!), and as I was looking at the bodypaints, he felt it necessary to give me his take on the situation. Yikes!

9. True -- I have a lifelong goal to get to the Galapagos islands and study the wildlife and habitat there.
I've wanted to do this since I was (as my dad would say) about 'yay high' (what the hell is YAY high, anyway? I'm thinking it's a 60's flower power term). However, with the constant urbanization of the land -- I fear by the time I get there it will be barely a glimmer of what it used to be. Much like some land south of Cancun in Mexico... oh, wait -- I'm not supposed to be on my soapbox about that just yet. More later on this particular evil!

10. True -- My grandmother is one of my heroes.
She's put up with, and lived through, quite a lot in her life. Two years ago (yesterday, in fact) her husband died. She now has Alzheimer's ... it's sad to watch this woman who was always strong and courageous fall apart in such an ungracious manner. Still, she holds her head high, a cut above the rest.

So there you have it. More than you ever wanted to know about li'l ol' me.

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