Last night I stepped outside to see the brightest moon I have ever seen -- so bright, in fact, that I had to look away a few times. There was a giant ring around the moon, further away from the moon than I have ever noticed before -- and the chant 'ring around the moon, rain will come soon' echoed in my mind.

And then I realized that the large circle surrounding the moon reminded me very much of the rippling effect that happens when a drop of water falls into a larger body of water ... and it amused me for a moment, thinking of it that way ...

And that's when I noticed that at both the top and bottom of the ring were small rainbows. At night.

So I'm not sure what that means, seeing a rainbow (moonbow? I suppose not since in the day it's not a sunbow.) at night, with the brightest moon and largest ring I've ever seen ...

And I'm not sure why I care to think it means anything at all. But yeah, it certainly was beautiful.

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