I have absolutely no concept of time anymore. This is what happens when you don't have to go to work. I keep fearing things passing me by and I won't know it because I never know what day it is.

Classes start June 4th -- I'm taking a lovely sociology class and a child development class. My sister, oh how I love her, said "And what does that have to do with your major?" when I told her. I then reminded her that these are all basic classes still and somehow, I figure that a class in child life development will be helpful, you know, with me teaching and all.

Soo, we cooked salmon Saturday night and YUM it was soo good. I think I could eat that everyday. I really am not good at being carniverous, you know? I don't even think that is spelled correctly, but I don't feel like checking. So -- suffer.

I'm still terribly addicted to Icewind Dale and very much looking forward to Neverwind and VERY much wanting to get a tabletop game running again.

Annnnd, I'll be in Florida on June 17th, I believe. The first Father's Day I've spent with my dad in ... 9 years. Wow.

Oh, fun moment of the weekend:
Random Drunk Guy: Hey, what're those fish huggers called?
Me: Hm?
Random Drunk Guy: Y'know, the ones that believe fishes got s'much right t'live as we do.
Randy: PETA?
Random Drunk GUY: Yeah, thems the ones hugging on those fish thinking they got every right to live. (tells another uninterested soul that PETA is going to get them since he fishes)
Uninterested Soul: What's Peetah?
Me: (sighing loudly) It's PETA. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
All of Them: Wuh?

Oh, the joys of a company barbecue in Texas.

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