Crystal is going on vacation, and as she can't stand to see her blog fall into a week long slumber, I'll be blog-sitting, so to speak.

She was kind enough to mention my new job on her site, so I really do owe her my life. OR my first born child ... no wait, I already had my first born... and second... hm... Maybe I'll just send happy thoughts her way and we'll call it even.

I'm in the middle of one of my "I have 500 hundred things to do and everything must be done NOW" phases. It's kind of scary. I have no idea why I do this. It's one reason I haven't been posting often. Right now, I'm concentrating my energy on...

>>Registering for summer/fall classes and making sure that's really what I want to take.
>>Finding a school to transfer to next fall, and deciding between a major I love, and a major that just "feels" right.
>>Learning everything about CSS, and building a beautious new site.
>>Learning everything about multiple intelligences and a multi-age classroom and building the perfect after school program.
>>Going through everything in my home and reorganizing to get rid of clutter and have a somewhat more organized and clean looking home.
>>Deciding what on earth I am going to entertain Ben and Sarah with while they are here ... let's face it, I live in a suburb of Cowtown, USA. I'm not thinking a trip to the stockyards is going to amaze anyone.
>>Getting Daegan all pumped up for Kindergarten. Assessment is Tuesday, and he's not even 5 yet. Maybe I shouldn't send him this year... ugh, decisions!
>>Making the decision to switch to Linux. Scary.
>>Is it time to buy a new graphics card? A new webcam? Maybe a new graphics program, to better make lovely graphics for the site I will eventually make when I get around to it.

And really, the list goes on. I feel like I'm going off on a million different directions, like a mutated octopus with multitudes of arms ... reaching out and getting tangled up within my own apendages.

Can someone cut me free of myself?

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