So now that I am finally posting again, geocities is in a funk and won't cooperate. I guess I will just keep posting away in the nothingness that has become my blogger.

Being an impatient person has absolutely no advantages. And I'm wondering if there are any people out there that are truly not impatient. In this McWorld, it seems like everyone is always yammering about something they want, something the need, something they must do right now.

And it makes me wonder what on earth would happen if suddenly there were no Internet, no TV, no mass transportation, no ramen noodles.

At the moment, I'm thinking it wouldn't be too bad. Maybe I'd learn to be patient. Maybe I'd just go psycho and grab a rifle and start terrorizing small towns and holding up trains and rolling around in my newly found cash and cackling at the moon in a fevered frenzy.

Maybe I should go to bed.

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