Oh, and I've been teaching Steven to play solitaire, on the computer. Such a simple game, compared to all the video games he normally plays. But he loves it. I was checking my email, lying on my bed, and he walked in and asked if he could show me how he knows how to use a laptop, since they have them at his school. So he was explaining the difference between his at school and mine, and I told him I was about to play solitaire, when he asked what it was!

My God, my 7 year old child had never heard of solitaire. So I had to fix that straight away.

So we opened it up, and he moved all the cards and we had a great time with it. It's nice to spend quiet time with him. I am reminded that someday soon he will be too busy for these things.

It also reminded me of sitting on the floor, 8 years old, with a deck of cards in front of me. My mom taught me how to play solitaire, in various forms. My favorite was a game called Clock, where you set up the cards in a sort of circular pattern, resembling a clock ... though I forget the basics of it. I think I'll have to get a deck of cards and find my mom.

I can still remember the soft clicks of the cards as I slapped one down on another, and the smell of my mom's perfume as she leaned over me. These are the memories that warm the soul.

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