It's good to be in touch with old friends. I've made it a point to try to rekindle old friendships, lately. But something unexpected has happened ... the people I was really close to, well, it seems almost impossible to pick up where we left off. And there are one or two people I was never that close to, but I wanted to be -- and they are the ones that have been the most responsive. Odd, that.

And I was talking to Crystal about friendships today. She is going to see an old online friend of hers for the second time in 6 years and she's hyped about it. It reminded me how special all my friends here are to me. I have friends where I live that think that my friends online aren't important. They can't see how or why I care so much about the people I know here. And that bothers me. The people I know from online games and blogs and the people I talk to every day here are every bit (if not more) important to me as the people I physically see every day. Just because we don't go to the movies together and every word we say is locked up in text, does not mean that the relationship is any less real.

In fact, I am very excited because Ben and Sarah will be stopping by to see me in May, on their way to California! I've known Ben for years, and although I just recently met his girlfriend Sarah, I love them both dearly, and can't wait to smother them with hugs!

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