I spent most of the day goofing off with my sister (we even played Scrabble online together!), and since I have all these happy sisterly thoughts right now, I've decided to dedicate today's fairy tale to her.

Shannon is one of the most beautiful people I know. And I'm not talking about physical beauty (though no one on this earth can deny she's positively gorgeous), I'm talking about that free spirited beauty and love of life that I find in few people and cherish always. She has had a very rough life (I ought to know, I was around for most of it), but has come out on top, always fighting, always ready to go on. I admire her strength, her ease around people, and above all, her loving nature (even though I kid her about being self-absorbed, she is a giver in many many ways).

Her favorite fairy tale is The Ugly Duckling, for reasons no one but she and I need to know. I love you, sister-mine! I can't imagine being on this lonely planet without you.

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