Tah-Dah! I have returned, my lovely, my pretty, my journal.

Like I could ever stay away long.

I spent the past weekend in Hot Springs, soaking up the ambience and realizing that yes, even Arkansas is better than Texas. Eventually I shall head out on a nationwide trek to prove that there is no state so ugly, so devoid of anytthing exciting, so worthless, as this state. Break out the tears, I'm whining with pride tonight.

While I was in Hot Springs I thought often of posting here, and had several interesting (so I thought) musings which I had hoped to share. They don't seem quite so interesting now that I am home, so that settles that. I'm feeling good, my health is better, and I'm in a state of perpetual business. Also, I've rediscovered my love of teaching. That's always good.

I feel like writing, lately. I'm in a phase of much needed creation. I want to get my hands on something and mold it into life. I can pinpoint these phases, these cycles my life turns in ... I've become so used to them ... but I don't know what causes the phases, and that bothers me. But right now, it's a creation phase. I want to make something worthwhile. My skin actually itches to write, to take up a pen and taint those pale pages with a little color ... add a little flavor to this funny little life we live in.

Sometimes I wonder if others feel this ... if their entire body, right down to their core screams out to create something, to make something that they can later stand back and admire, and offer up for adulation ... and smile, just a little, knowing the secret place it came from, that no one else can quite understand.

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