These posts are seriously lacking something. Content, perhaps. (ha, the wit kills me)

I've been reading many weblogs lately, and am always inspired by the wide variety of topics and emotions displayed within each blog. Of course, there are then links to see and poetry to read and pictures to browse -- and I am a sucker for it all, happily (and quite numb, also) spending my time soaking up information about other people I will never know. Other people that I sometimes find amazingly like myself ... and sometimes find eerily strange.

Of course, that is the beauty of this world. Our differences. And the fact that in spite of all those differences, we still have so much in common. Sometimes that makes me feel a little warm. To know that someone out there is facing the same problems I face, or perhaps has already done so, and moved on -- a winner.

Anyway. I wrote today. And even though it's been months since I've done this, I thought I should place the lovelies here, before I change my mind. Atleast the wheels are turning once again.

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