So much pain. I am suffering from some freaky virus that is going around AND somehow I have managed to add back trauma to that. Not fun.

I truly miss school. I know it's in my best interest to not be in school this semester but MAN do I miss it. On the good side, however -- I have much more time to myself and have been catching up on some reading. I never used to be the type of person that read more than one book at a time, but suddenly I seem to be doing just that. I finished Good Omens and The Dream Hunters, also read User (a new and wonderful comic). Right now I am still reading The Light Chasers and have added Nowhere Else on Earth and The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress to the mix. Combine that with the 50,000 weblogs I seem to be addicted to, and it's a nonstop funland of much reading.

Life is good. Or I just really enjoy wasting my time reading everything under the sun.

Things I've noticed lately:
* Having a clean desk is a happy thing!
* I really miss my friends from high school.
* Deciding whether to use money for a responsible thing or just blowing it all on a good time is frustrating.
* I will never understand relationships.
* Meeting new people that I feel a common bond with is an amazing thing.

Well, that's the excitement for now. I'm not feeling particularly useful today. Maybe once this icky virus goes away I will be better.

Much love to you, my faithful readers.

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